Keeper of The Game Merchandise

FRISCO, Texas – Get stocked up with Keeper of The Game Foundation gear for a great price! T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pullovers, caps, wristbands and bracelets are available.
The items listed below are available for sale, plus shipping charges. Email with your order – as well as any questions – and you will receive payment instructions.
Proceeds benefit kids and young adults with special needs and disabilities in and around the game of baseball. Thank you for supporting Keeper of The Game!
Performance T-Shirt ($20)
Brand: Badger
Colors: Royal, Safety Orange, Red
Sizes: YM-YL, Ladies XS-S, AS-XXXL
Performance T-Shirt ($25)
Brand: Nike
Color: Burnt Orange
Size: AL
Camo Performance T-Shirt ($22.50)
Brand: Badger
Color: Force Pattern/Hunter Orange
Sizes: AS-XL
Cotton T-Shirt ($7.50-10)
Brand: Gildan
Color: Cream
Sizes: YM-YL, AS-XXL
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Baseball Cotton T-Shirt ($5)
Brand: Gildan
Color: White
Sizes: YM-YL, XL-XXL
Polo Shirt ($15)
Brand: PGA
Color: Red/Black
Size: YXL
Performance Sweatshirt (SOLD OUT)
Brand: Rawlings
Color: Black
¼ Zip Pullover ($30)
Brand: Adidas
Colors: Grey/Black
Sizes: AM-AL
¼ Zip Pullover ($30)
Brand: Louisville Slugger
Colors: Black/White
Sizes: AS-XL
Full Zip Jacket ($25)
Brand: Rawlings
Color: Black/White
Sizes: AM-XL
Full Zip Windbreaker ($20)
Brand: Majestic
Color: Black
Sizes: YL, AL
Hoodie ($30)
Brand: Hanes
Color: Black
Sizes: AL-XL

Flex Fit Caps ($27)
Brand: Richardson
Color: Black
Sizes: S/M, L/XL
Wristbands ($3)
Colors: Black, Maroon
Bracelets ($2)
Color: Black